Car Rent London


Car Rent London

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

Renting a car under 25 is possible, however, because drivers under 25 years of age are statistically more prone to getting into an accident, most rental companies will charge you an underage fee. Some car rental companies may even consider the minimum age to rent as being 21 but their daily underage surcharges tend to be even steeper.

Furthermore, if you’re under 25, you will typically only be allowed to rent smaller cars such as vehicles categorized as Compact or Economic. Most car rental companies will, altogether, not allow you to rent larger categories such as SUVs, Minivans and Luxury Vehicles.

If you are under 25 and interested in booking a vehicle or if you´re just in doubt about possible terms and conditions, you can reach out to us through our Booking Center. We´ll be happy to provide all the necessary information regarding rates and conditions for your rental specifications.

What´s required when renting a car?

You must be 25 or older and have held a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years. You must also have a valid passport and an international credit card, issued under your name, with sufficient funds for a credit hold (safety deposit). Additionally, depending on your destination country´s legislation, it´s important to have and hold an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Important: Keep a printed version of the Booking Confirmation Document with you at all times. Third party credit cards and credit cards that are not issued by banking institutions will not be accepted. Rental companies reserve the right to accept or decline any credit card at their sole discretion.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

When picking up your vehicle at the rental location, most car rental companies will require a valid credit card, issued under your name and by a recognized banking institution, with sufficient funds for a credit hold (safety deposit).

However, booking a car rental without credit card is possible. For an additional fee, some rental companies will allow you to include a Financially Responsible Person in your rental contract in the form of an additional driver. This person will have to present a valid credit card keeping to all the previously mentioned specifications. The terms and conditions applicable to the primary driver will also apply to the Financially Responsible Person.

Should it be an option, you will be able to include a Financially Responsible Person during the booking process. If you prefer, you can also contact our Booking Center directly. We are always happy to help.

Which documents will be required of me when picking up my vehicle?

A valid driver’s license held for at least 2 years.
A valid passport.
A valid credit card, issued under your name, with sufficient funds for a credit hold (safety deposit).

What is an International Driving Permit and do I need one?

Slightly larger than a passport, the International Driving Permit (IDP), sometimes referred to as an International Driving License (IDL), is basically a multi-language translation of your personal driver’s license. Whether or not you’ll be required to have and hold an IDP during your trip, however, varies quite a bit between countries. In any case, in order for it to be valid, your IDP must always be accompanied by your own driver’s license.

In the United States, foreign driver’s licenses are widely accepted so long as the license’s language uses the same alphabet as the English language. The most important thing to ask yourself when considering an IDP is, “If I get pulled over, will the police officer be able to understand the information on my driver’s license?”. If the answer is no, an International Driver’s Permit is highly recommended.

To avoid any inconveniences, contact our Booking Center and find out if the country you are traveling to requires an International Driver’s Permit. We’re always happy to help.