London Markets


Is known that one of the best ways to feel a city’s pulse is to dive into its street markets, and that is a resounding truth if we talk about London. You can visit its many attractions and monuments, it museums and parks, but nothing like an exploration around the street markets of London to fully understand the spirit of this city. There is a street market somewhere every day, where you can buy an antique or a vintage object, good priced clothing and jewellery or try all kinds of food.


Fortunately, popular markets are in the touristic areas, so they are easy to find. Camden Town, for example, has six different markets inside, all around Camden Lock. In Covent Garden you will find a market as well, in Nothing Hill there is Portobello Market and East London has also different markets in Shoreditch.

However, the most popular for locals are not in the touristic areas but far away from them, like the Canary Wharf, where you can find everything, or the Borough and Brixton markets, with an old tradition among Londoners.


Artwork, clothing, jewellery, hand crafted items, decorations of all kind, clothing, electronics, you can find everything.

Portobello Market is a good example for a vintage, antique items, perfect for a unique gift, from clothes to house decoration. If you are into that same style you can find vintage fashion and accessories at Shoreditch’s Sunday Upmarket and, also at East End, you should visit Brick Lane Market or Vintage Market, for good deals in antique furniture and vintage clothing. 

Organic products and diverse street food will be waiting for you at Brixton Market, with all kind of international cuisine offers, as well as fresh vegetables, artisan breads, seafood and more and if you want to go further you should visit the Boiler House Market as well, specialized in Korean and Ethiopian food.


Not every market opens every day, some only take place once a week. Fortunately, markets as famous and well located as Portobello Market, Covent Garden Market and Covent Garden Apple Market or the Inverness Street Market open every day, as some other keeps the tradition of opening on Saturdays, or selling some kind of items a specific day of the week. A good example is Portobello Market, where, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays you will find local productions and home goods but if you go on a weekend the focus will be on antiques and vintage items and clothing.


You will find all kind of prices in London markets, from really cheap offers to more expensive sellers. South London use to have the cheapest markets, like Brixton and the Borough, as well as Shoreditch street markets.

In the other hand, if you go to Portobello Road Market in Nothing Hill or the Covent Garden Market, both located in the touristic, trendy and fancy neighbourhoods, you will find more expensive prices. Give them a chance, though. You could find a great deal here as well!