About Us

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In 2016 we opened an office in London with the target of offering the best tours in the market with an affordable price for everybody. Yes, we’re really passionate and we have a mission: make tourism available for all kind of people.

Quality, honest tourism is possible, we are a proof of that. For us, tourism means that very different people come together with admiration and curiosity, with the understanding that comes through a historical comprehension of our origins, our stories, our cities, our culture, our differences. So, we take full responsibility of taking you to know the hidden stories, secrets and faces of a city to people like you.

To do this, we have carefully organized tours covering the most popular, famous and historically relevant places of a city, so you can not only know the what but the hows and whys. We don’t run tours only for entertainment or laughing -and yet we hope to-, we also want to tell you anecdotes, funny, weird, beautiful, but also, we want you to comprehend the city, in all of its daily life aspects, from political to cultural. But none of these would be possible without our team, formed by enthusiastic and passionate freelance guides, deeply in love with the city, who -everyone with their own eccentricities-, keep going learning themselves to offer you a more complete experience.