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Themed Tours

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 15:30 / Sat-Sun also at 11:00 am Departure Point: Tower Hill Underground Station Price: Free Language: English & Spanish If you are an art lover, particularly of street art, this is the right Tour for you. First, because you will discover the charms of the East End of London, a place [...]

Schedule: Every day: 11:00 am and 15:30 pm Departure Point: Leicester Square Price: Free Languages: English & Spanish The fabulous story of Harry Potter, the magician child and his friends, was born in this city. It was through the sites and streets of London that J.K Rowling was inspired to write the famous novels that would reach the big [...]

Themed Tours

Free London Food Tour

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10:30 am Departure Point: Shoreditch High Street Underground Station Price: Free Languages: English & Spanish If you are a fan of culinary culture this Tour is made right for you. Join us on a route through the heart of London’s East End and savour pleasant dishes at different spots; every bite you taste will have [...]

Schedule: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 15:30 pm Departure Point: Leicester Square Price: Free Languages: English & Spanish If you have ever wondered how much the pubs have influenced British culture, this is the time to discover it. This tour will take you to know Covent Garden, once a complex and dangerous scenario of prostitution, scandals and violence; but now converted [...]

Schedule:Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 15:30 Departure Point: Leicester Square Price: Free Lanfuages:English & Spanish Soho is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in London. It is unquestionably associated with the universe of culture: music, literature and bohemians of all kinds. Nowhere like in here the epic call of “sex, drugs and rock & roll” make sense [...]

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